Conversations about Love with Magi Camaj

I’m beyond happy to have another great chance to be working with one of my favorite people, Magi Camaj. Truly an inspiration for me and for many others for sure! Both of us worked on this new project and are excited to present it to you! Questions from different people about love, relationships, crushes, problems, and more! Let’s get to it….

  • Is jealousy a part of love or should it be included in the realationship? If not, why?
I definitely don’t think that jealousy is a part of love. I look at love as a force. Love doesn’t hurt. It is a complete separate entity. However, humans are flawed. Therefore, when love is mixed with us, we make mistakes since we are only human. Jealousy is very dangerous. It is only normal to feel small doses of it when you are in a relationship.  However, it becomes dangerous when the jealousy turns into anything more than small doses. You can’t control your partner. I believe that every single person should be free to be himself/herself. Everyone is their own person and they should be free to make his/her own decisions. You can observe if they respect you by the decisions that they make. If the love stays with you, then you know that it is alive because of its own will – not because you forced or controlled the person. Trust is important in any relationship. If it isn’t present, then maybe you’re in the wrong relationship. Run away from anyone who tries to tell you what to wear, which career path to take, and who tries to control your every move. There is a difference between growing together and your partner helping you get stronger in certain areas that you lack in and your partner trying to completely change you. Someone will love you just the way you are.
  • What should I do when the family of the guy does not like me?
That is a difficult question to answer because every single situation is different. It depends on the reasoning as to why they don’t like you. Is it for no reason? I would say that it all depends on how your partner acts. You are probably going to be around these people for the rest of your life so it is important that you are around people who won’t drain you, but who will give you the love that you give them. It is important to how know how important family is to you and him both. For me, family would be important. It is important to know how your partner responds to all of this. Is he supportive of them not liking you? If so, then you don’t belong there. Go towards the love always.
  • When do I know that I actually love a person?
When you imagine your life and you can’t see your life without that person in it.
  • What should I never sacrifice for a person that I love?
Who you are. Someone who loves you back would never destroy your soul. Remember that.
  • Besides love what else should my partner give me for having a healthy relationship?
I look at love as a force, not just a feeling. Inside of love, there lives trust, peace, honesty, safety, loyalty, and respect. All of these are important for a healthy relationship. Love lives there only if these ingredients are present.
  • How can I approach someone that I really like without “betraying” myself?
Be open and honest. Tell them how you feel. Be you. Don’t be anyone different. Come as you are. If a person is meant for you, then they will accept you for everything that you are – flaws and all.
  • When does love not help? Is there a point when even having love for someone is not helpful and what should I do then?
Love always helps. There is never a time when love doesn’t help. It is where love does not live that you should considering leaving. You may feel love, but love only lives when the love is being reciprocated. You can’t be the only one giving the love. You must be receiving it. Remember that inside of love lives trust, honesty, respect, and safety. If you don’t feel all of these, then you may want to think about it and reconsider staying.
  • How can I overcome an emotional addiction to my partner?
I’ve realized that emotional addictions are actually overlooked quite often. Being addicted to anything isn’t good, especially if they aren’t healthy for you. Love should be healthy. Everything taken in moderation is best. I would say to pay attention to how you react to certain situations and to try to do something different than what you did in the past. Practice giving those emotions to yourself and working on yourself when you catch yourself doing the opposite.
  • Do you think that love gets more intense or does it get less through the years?
Things do get hard. Not everything is easy. You shouldn’t give up when things get had. But, the love should grow every single day, if you water it. Don’t listen to the people that say that love fades. They’re the non-believers. Love only fades if you let it.
  • Do you think that a girlfriend should automatically be a best friend for the partner?
I think that your partner should definitely be your best friend. You should be able to talk to him/her about anything. You should be able to tell him/her anything. You should be able to joke with each other. You should be able to trust each other. You should be able to help each other grow. That is when it is most real.
  • Does a person who cheated deserve a second chance? 
Every relationship is different and has their own problems. So, while I would naturally say no, another person wouldn’t because a certain situation might be different. So, I can’t answer that.
  • When do you think the ideal or decent age to be in a relationship is? 
There isn’t a definite answer to this question. It depends on each individual. Some people at the age of 18 can understand more than some people at the age of 25. While other 18 year olds can’t understand themselves at all, let alone other people. I do think, though, that you should have a good grasp on who you are because “love” can be an illusion and can ruin parts of you. However, I also believe in not regretting anything and learning from your mistakes. This is difficult to answer because there are many ways to look at it. Be friends with the person for a while before you get into a relationship with them though. I think that is one of the most important things.
  • What are your thoughts on people being madly in love but having a big age gap?
 I don’t like to use the phrase “madly in love” because that refers to feelings and not the force. It really depends on the age gap and the people once again because this is so general. It depends on the reasoning behind the relationship. Some men try to find young women so that they can mold and shape them instead of grow with them and build together. That is when I think it is absolutely unacceptable.
  • How is it possible to talk about so many things in depth with a person while texting but barely talking in real life, face to face? 
Texting is a form of communication. Texting is essentially writing. It can be poetry if you use it right. However, I personally love phone calls and talking in real life. There is nothing that can substitute real life, face to face conversations. It’ll never grow if you aren’t in each other’s presence. There is so much to learn from body language and energy. That exchange is vital for growth.
  • What are your thoughts on having an online girlfriend/boyfriend? 
I’m an old school romantic, so I don’t believe in that at all. I wouldn’t even know what that entails unless you meet each other online and then have it grow into something else. But keeping it “strictly online” doesn’t sound natural to me. You have to get to know each other on every single level. Real life is where things grow. Not online.
  • How do I “make” my parents accept my boyfriend that’s not Albanian? 
Some people will be stuck in their ways and mentalities. However, you should talk to them and express your emotions and how you feel even though it might be hard. Start with whichever parent you feel more comfortable talking to with. If that is what you want, if he is actually a good guy, treats you right, and love lives there, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be with him just because of his nationality or whatever else. They might grow to be more accepting – I hope. Love always wins – as long as it is actually love.
  • Except trust and honesty, what are other important things that a relationship needs? 
Safety, loyalty, respect, romance, and peace. All of these are things that live inside of love.
  • I always believed that eyes talk. I was casually having a normal conversation with a guy who I like and while we were talking, I felt a connection as we looked each other in the eyes. His eyes were so beautiful and I really felt that he also felt something but you never know what’s really going on in someone’s mind. What do you think? 
A look in each others eyes is everything. There is a certain kind of poetry that lives there when chemistry lives there too. While eyes speak and so does body language, you never know the truth unless you have that conversation with him. Sometimes, we create things in our minds and sometimes we don’t. It is important that you communicate and you will get your answers. It is so important to be straightforward with your feelings. That way, no one’s time is wasted.

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